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Protecting Your Leather Shoes

Protecting your leather shoes. A good pair of leather shoes can last you for a long time. But, with the right amount of care they can last you much longer. It’s important to start this order of shoe care long before you find problems with it. Taking care of them from the beginning means that you’ll be prolonging their life and preventing them from permanent issues. To begin, whatever the leather, by making sure it is free of dust and dirt by giving it a quick clean with a soft brush. 


Mink oil is manufactured from mink pelts and is highly beneficial for leather lubrication. It has a waterproofing ability and is known to preserve the leather for an extended period. However, mink oil makes the natural shine of the leather dull for that reason if you do not want to see your leather shine getting fade, refrain from using mink oil on leather products. Moreover, you also have to reapply mink oil often to keep the leather lubricated and soft and to make it waterproof for extensive periods. 


Luster Cream is a versatile product. Put together from a blend of the finest waxes, oils, soaps, and preservatives. Used to restore, soften, cleanse, preserve, and polish all smooth leathers. If leather loses its natural oils and moisture then it loses its flexibility; its fibers will start to crack and eventually break down. Luster cream will help with the break-in and maintain their appearance over many years of regular use. Cleaning and conditioning are two simple steps, but once finished they could extend the lifespan of your shoes by years. So, unlace your shoes, show them some love and invest in the best in shoe care. 


Weatherproofing products with beeswax provide a good seal against the weather. Apply the product to the shoe with a clean cloth or brush, and rub it in small circles. Wipe off any excess, and let your shoes dry. 

In conclusion, leather is similar to human skin, and it needs proper care from time to time. If you moisturize your shoes regularly with high-quality leather conditioner, they will get a nice, light shine, plus they will also feel pleasant to the touch. 

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